Among the advantages to be considered typical of Windows 7 on other systems are:

Greater synchronization between the user and the computer, thanks to support multi-touch screen and voice recognition tool.
It will take up less memory, both the new kernel as the OS itself.

Processors support a variety of platforms: 32 and 64 bits.
It is an open operating system, will be accessible to any market or use depending on the needs of the user (home, education, commerce).
Save energy and does not require so much hardware support or integration of many components.

Hardware development companies can boost trade in its products, a living example is the company that Dell will release Windows 7 next to the touch screen as here will be an operating system that supports it.

- Disadvantage of WINDOWS 7

At present the disadvantages that can be seen on this upcoming operating system are:

Little information about it, it is still in beta development stage and can not recognize all of the features and benefits.
In the event that it becomes necessary to purchase a touch screen and infrastructure maintenance would be more expensive hardware.

Will not support or compatibility with existing drivers and devices.
It would be a total innovation, have characteristics of other operating systems, such as the micro-kernel that is already part of Mac OS Tiger and took also part of the same graphical interface.

Bring economic disadvantages if there are no updates to Windows XP or Vista since it would imply the renewal of the operating system installed on most computers in business.