Born in Madrid, studied a year of Arts and three of Psychology, in addition to Ballet.

Its entry into the world of entertainment is produced by being chosen, among other candidates, to present a TV show. His work enjoyed a few months and was released to a spiral of success in that still remains.

Seeking new horizons, Paloma recording with his guitar a tape with two original songs by Roberta Flack and sends it to the label Hispavox. Some tests and Paloma is hired. We are in early 1975. Three months later and have recorded two singles and in June the same year his first album, "Shadows."

It is this record which accredits Paloma as one of the singers with more international style of our country. For the single from this LP are chosen two themes, "Contigo" and "Between your arms", composed by Argentinean musician inspired Bebu Silvetti, with which the interpreter has the opportunity to demonstrate the enormous potential of inflection of his voice and improvisation .

In 1976 Paloma releases new single whose songs, "Just you and me" and "Road not knowing where to go," put it back in the top of the lists of Spanish listening. His fame and reputation as a singer are consolidated through numerous personal performances and appearances on television in which he sings and dances, demonstrating the best style of the great international shows.

And we get to 1977, when he recorded his second LP Paloma: "Where you going." This album breaks with the guidelines set by the previous, "Shadows", as the singer is singing themes of a more melodic and sentimental. The months after the LP edition of Paloma makes the artist with the most appearances on TV and more personal appearances in Spain. There follows an extensive tour of Hispano, which will give the Spanish star a great international fame and popularity.

The return of Paloma San Basilio to Spain will be held with the emergence of a new single, "Secrets", another big issue that Bebu Silvetti to stylish and dramatic orchestral arrangements.

In 1978 he published the third LP, "Live." It is a recording of a spectacular show of the singer at the Teatro Monumental de Madrid. The disc lists a number of issues whose range is a clear example of its versatility and the possibilities of his voice.

The theme chosen for the single from the album is "Kiss Kiss, sweetly," a meaningful song that will be one of the most successful record of the singer. The years 1979 and 1980 are dedicated to tour Latin America, USA and Canada, countries that implement programs Paloma TV specials and a long series of personal appearances. In the late 1980s is offered to "Evita", the Rock Opera had already triumphed in England and USA. The work was premiered in Madrid in December of that year, breaking all box office records, remaining in line at the Teatro Monumental in Madrid for two years and then at the Teatro Tivoli in Barcelona for four months.

Throughout his work on "Evita", Paloma San Basilio recorded his LP "Now", which again connect with the world of the disc. It was his first speech recording after a silence of two years. Among the items on the LP included some compounds by the same Paloma. One of them, "Huge" is the favorite of the singer. The track star selected for side A of the single "Together" which peaked a week of its occurrence in a number of all lists of the country and Latin America.

In his fifth LP, "Lady," Paloma included the first Spanish version of "Memory" (Memories), extracted from-Rock Musical "Cats", one of the greatest hits of Andrew Lloyd Webber.

On June 21, 1983 began in San Juan de Puerto Rico a tour of Latin America and the United States with the rock opera "Evita," which, for six months, would include the following cities: San Juan and Mayaguez (Puerto Rico) , Miami (USA), Panama (Panama), Caracas (Venezuela), Bogota (Colombia), Quito (Ecuador), Lima (Peru) and Santiago (Chile), with great success by critics and public, Paloma San Basilio consecrating as the greatest female singer-speaking.

Upon returning from the tour, Paloma ten songs selected for inclusion in the LP titled "Dove." 1985 began with his election to represent Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest with the theme of Juan Carlos Calderón "The party is over", which would give title to his LP.

T.V.E. the contract recording starring "The Leandras" and "Cinderella's Palace", within the space "The Musical Comedy Spanish." During the summer tour of Spain is called to present the festival OTI in Seville. Following her presentation at the Teatro Monumental in Madrid with his show "Live", getting one of the greatest triumphs of his career. During the "premiere" is recorded simultaneously a double LP and a special TVE

At the conclusion of their presentations at the Monumental, fly to New York to participate in the "Telethon" to benefit victims of the earthquake that devastated Mexico City, beginning a tour of Latin America and USA that can be described as triumphant in all its presentations.

He also took part in the festival held in Madrid, Teatro Real, to benefit those affected by the eruption of Nevado del Ruiz (in Armero, Colombia), chaired by the King and Queen of Spain.

In 1987 he made a five-month tour of Latin America, presenting his show live their LP "Great," these presentations beginning at Carnegie Hall in New York City.

Follow his recording career with the album "Life," a gold record in Spain and almost the entire American continent, on which mounted an extraordinary show with the same title.

Almost simultaneously recorded two LPs between 1989 and 1990. The first, "Love Forever", for the Spanish market and the second, "No one like you" exclusively for the Latin American market. "Love always" went platinum in Spain and "Nobody Like You" gold in almost every country where distributed.

On March 3, 1991 a concert side by side with Placido Domingo in the Miami Arena, before 16,000 spectators, making it one of the greatest triumphs of his career. In this concert was extracted a double LP, cassette and CD, as well as a video containing the highlights of the event.

In 1992 he recorded "De mil amores", only to Latin America. In 1993, "Paloma Mediterranean." And in 1994, "East of Eden."

His recording career continues its 23rd album, "Like a dream," recorded live in November 1995.

In 1997 he recorded "Classically Yours", where she played pieces by Beethoven, Strauss and Elgar and other classical composers. The same year he debuted at the Teatro Lope De Vega in Madrid on the role of Aldonza / Dulcinea in the musical "Man of La Mancha," which was released a double CD with the text and all the songs from the musical, getting a great success that the theater remained until January 1999. This year gave voice to his 26th album, "Pearls." His next album was carried out with Sony Music International and in October 2001 returned to the stage with "Eliza Dolittle" in the Spanish version of the musical "My Fair Lady."